Platinum and Diamond Ranked Duels Feint Spam

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  • 29 Sep '19

I loved starting up chivalry late in the evenings and doing some duels back in the day. I was very much looking forward to the ranked duel mode in Mordhau and thought i would be spending a lot time on it. I currently alternate between high platinum and low diamond and every time i face opponents they gamble their entire stamina bar to do feints and have (seemingly) no mechanical skill, the bad ones i completely destroy because they lose their weapons but the good ones completely destroy me because they wave around so much i can't tell what they are doing then suddenly i get hit (I have serious problems reading chained body feint + feint).

In my extremely humble opinion; feints in their current state make duels on my level "don't flinch 5 times and you win" which makes both wins and losses (at least for me) really boring. I understand if this is not a problem on the higher tiers but a lot of mid tier players are in my opinion using training wheels to get way too far up on the ladder and i'm sure this discourages a bunch of people from playing the duel mode at all.

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  • 30 Sep '19

Firstly, feints are not in OP state by any means. The game can never be balanced for every level of players. It's impossible.

If you're switching between platinum and diamond it means your current skill level is on that area. Which is good because you know that to go higher you need to 'level up' your skill.

You've already identified your problem which is dealing with feints. So the skill you need to step up is:

  1. Reading feints
  2. learn to be better at chambering.

I would suggest before you keep grinding stressful ranked duel, go play in duelyard servers for a while (servers that has good players). Do chill duels and learn to chamber better, learn to read feints. Sometimes you can spam chamber people to get better at chambering. Try spam feinting higher level players and see how they deal with it. Some players would also spam feint you back so you get more practice. You will lose duels but it's only practice. Keep at it and you will see that your defense is becoming stronger. Once you see people can't 'spam feint' and win against you, go back to ranked duel and you will get higher rank.

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  • 30 Sep '19

If you encounter a feint spammer chamber their attacks. Also, if you don’t enjoy feints you don’t have to use them. This would probably lead to your rank dropping but at least you don’t get many feint spammers in gold.

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  • 8 Oct '19

Another thing i do is "take control" of the duel by that i mean dont let the opponent set the pace and rythem once he throws a swing parry and do an accel preferably with a faster weapon you may have to gamble but just keep acceling and if he trys to return with a fient you panic at run away and hope you can get out of range and if he misses the second you begin to turn start an attack and hope to get him off guard you could also fient that attack cause he might expect you to throw a swing when you turn cause i do it alot and i watch for other people to do it