Double KO please, i wanna play this game !

Knight 209 744
  • 29 Sep
 Anal Error

Chivalry 2 is coming, i hope they will not be so ignorant about community suggestions.
Add double KO chance ffs, i just can't enjoy this game without this logic, fun and realistic feature !
I don't know how the fak irefrained from cursing you until now...
And add flail ffs,

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  • 29 Sep

Uh. Thanks for letting us know?

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Double KO has just been nerfed. Sorry, mate. :(

Knight 466 909
  • 29 Sep

Another quality post.
Feitoria would've come out months ago if Anal was project lead.

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Sorry for my ignorance but : what is Double KO ?

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  • 30 Sep

What I don’t understand is how not having doubke KO stops you from enjoying the game.

Knight 2244 4030
  • 1 Oct

Thank you Anal.

Empress 362 853

So we are what, encouraging trades?


Knight 7664 14059

fucking normies stop replying to based Anal's genius threads if your IQ isn't high enough to understand the intricate mechanics he is suggesting

Mercenary 1122 2050

If Chiv 2 has 2KO I will quit my job at the nuclear plant in order to be able to download the glorified Chinese espionage software that is the Epic launcher.