Game crashes a few seconds after launching to main menu. List of things i've tried included.

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  • 28 Sep '19

reinstalled the game.
reinstalled steam and then reinstalled game.
updated graphics drivers.
updated direct x
updated win10
changed power settings to high performance.
ran steam as administrator.
verified file integrity via steam.
not in that order

i5, 1660 ti, 12g ddr 3 ram, havent had a single issue since launch, and now i cant get on.

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  • 2 Oct '19

I have exactly the same issue do you have found a solution?

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  • 5 Oct '19

I am having the same issue too, I hope the devs could do something about it

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  • 5 Oct '19

I'm also having this issue. The only way I've found to get into a game is to open the game by joining on a steam friend. Sadly it doesn't work if their server has a password or is full though.

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  • 5 Oct '19

That’s something I haven’t tried yet

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  • 10 Oct '19

Delete the modio folder in Plugins. You just can't play on servers with mods.