Give the Warden and Commander a small health gain on kill in Invasion mode

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  • 28 Sep '19

Please give both big lads a small heal on kill (like three per kill or something) to encourage players to actually leave their cuck sheds and make it so that the last objective on grad doesn't lead to awkward fighting in a tower for the commander. Thanks.

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  • 28 Sep '19

Its actually an epic siege/last stand if you know what you are doing

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  • 29 Sep '19

Without fixing the base issue, of them being able to camp in a corner, this would just make them impossible to kill as they heal up off any of the two or three stragglers that come in.

If the King/Warden was forced to move to a different area, some kind of timer where they start losing health for staying too long, I dunno, call it "inspiring the men" or something, sure. As it stands now that would just make Grad even more ridiculous.

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  • 29 Sep '19

Yeah... no.
That would make the last part even more campy. If the king would get some motivation to move around (e.g. reaching some certain points in the castle in order to spawn a horse or a new warden.), that could be an option.

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  • 30 Sep '19

@DefendinMyBase said:
Without fixing the base issue, of them being able to camp in a corner

Firebombs.jpg. Whenever you go in the dungeon where the Warden is, it's a fire fest.

I like the idea overall, as it would make getting hit not as fatal for the Commander/Warden, but there's an other reason why the Commander is forced to camp in a tower : the catapult one-shot him.

As long as the catapult can one-shot the Commander, there's no reason for him to go out of the towers.