vote kicking in Hordemode

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  • 27 Sep '19

So, this just happend, i had over 450+ kills with 0 deaths in Hordemode, I joined in wave 1, everything is fine, we get up to wave 15, people start dropping, and new players come in, and thay are not very good. I give them advice, I give them weponds and armour.
Wave 19 comes around, thay all die almost instantly, when I have around 30 mobs left, thay start to vote kick me. wave 20 comes and the same thing happends. Now i lost all that progression thanks to some kids who just joined at the last few waves because votekicking.

Thanks alot.... only 1.5h for nothing.

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  • 28 Sep '19

very hard to prevent this sort of thing, abuse will happen with any player-driven system like this