Get rid of 3rd person in duels or split 3rd vs first

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  • 25 Sep '19

3rd person leads to very weird and unnatural player movements. while I dont care about that for casual modes (that I dont play), I think it breaks duels because it gives a huge advantage to hyperactive kids twitching, bending backwards and rotating all over the place...

I would suggest eliminating 3rd person camera in duels or having different matchmaking depending on the camera.

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  • 25 Sep '19

Topic beaten to death for the past 2 years, devs won't do it despite everyone telling them they should. Don't waste your breath.

Everyone should switch to 3p so it becomes blatant how retarded it plays and game starts losing even more players, maybe that would make them reconsider.

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  • 25 Sep '19

Imagine thinking that 3rd person is the cause of your butthurt lmao

Protip son: people are doing the things you don't like in 1st person. Adapt or die.

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  • 27 Sep '19

think an opponent is using 3rd person?
stand infront of them up close and stab, it is very hard to read what is coming at you when your character blocks your vision.

i used to use 3rd person in chivalry a lot because i liked the extra peripheral vision and could block attacks coming at me from behind
I also like ducking under a swing but guess what you can do this easy in 1st person 2.
some people are even good at doing certain emotes really fast that help this too! that is too advanced for me.

mordhau 3rd person view is much closer in and i found it hard to see stabs coming at me so i switched back to first person

i do equally well with both views

this isn't a problem worth worrying about.