30 day & 7 day Campaign Modes PvP Open Map

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I believe a brilliant addition to Mordhau would be an open world pvp map, similar to the idea of Elder Scroll Online's PvP of Cyrodiil.
Several Keeps/Castles spread across the map, with resources around them. Keeps/Castles account for a score tick, resources also account for a score tick. In the center of the map should be a Capital Castle and around it in somewhat close proximity, should be other lesser Capital Keeps. But the Capital Castle cannot be captured until the lesser Capital Keeps around it are captured, but once the lesser keeps are captured, then the Capital Castle can be captured. If it is captured, then the side that captures it gets a player named as King. The player with the highest score at that time, would be granted King(This would mean a score leaderboard would also need implemented). That side and the King should get a little score/gold bonus, as long as they retain King. But once the Capital Castle, and surrounding Capital Keeps fall, they then lose King. Player Kills, Castle captures, Keep captures, Resource Captures, and killing a King, should grant an amount of Score and Gold. At the end of the 30 day or 7 day Campaign, there should be End of Campaign Rewards. There are endless options of what these rewards could be. But, if a player is named King, that player should get a "King" title, that displays before their online name- Example "King John Doe" and they would then be able to wear Kings Armor and use Kings Sword. While King, they should get perhaps a little health buff and maybe a damage buff on melee hits. The "King" title itself however should display in its own color though, to show for certain it is the King(Gold Perhaps), so players cannot just change their steam name to it. I believe this would give players a big sandboxy feel, keep them around, and give them a whole lot more to grind for, and all around just enjoy.
Side note: Perhaps a Guild/House system could be implemented as well in-game for this Campaign Mode. Enabling players to join up with a House, and the house name could be its own title as well above the playername. A good Title system would be very cool, earning titles for certain accomplishments in Campaign Mode. Example: say you are a House leader, and you capture a castle. Then you can claim it under your House, and earn the "Lord" title.
Anyways, that's my idea. No game seems to have done this type of pvp to the best, but with Mordhaus combat system, it most certainly could be one of the best games to do it. A lot of work, but it would be extremely cool.

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  • 25 Sep

This would take tons of work and the devs probably won’t consider ever adding this but if you’re dedicated enough maybe you could try making a mod.

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Most definitely would be a ton of work, for sure. Hopefully some day someone could. I've never tried my hands at modding tbh, I know there are some skilled ones in the community though.

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  • 27 Sep

game has awesome potential with SDK because the combat system IMO already works in a really fun way.