What does the GOD EMPEROR crown look like?

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  • 23 Sep

The Kickstarter had donator tiers where $400 and up got a crown, but recently I discovered from the community that the god-emperor (10k donator) got something unique from the bunch of crowns (duke, king, and emperor)

Devs or anyone whos has seen this crown, what does it look like?

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I was lucky enough to play with Donald once I managed to get a screenshot of itd4e11f03e4fca7e89bc2cb9aff7b2d06ea1ea429_hq.jpg

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  • 24 Sep

someone fucking show me i wanna see it

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  • 25 Sep

EDIT: nvm.. misread it

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  • 27 Sep

The Commander on Grad is wearing all the Kickstarter stuff except for the Longsword.

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  • 27 Sep

I have that stuff, what I’m saying is apparently the top donator ($10k donation) got a unique crown helmet from the rest of the crown-tier donators ($400, $1000, $5000)

The $5000 tier may have got it too but I have no idea because it’s so hard to find information on it

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  • 28 Sep
 Sir Zombie

Gonna have to ask for a source on that one Kain

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What ever happened to the $10,000 kickstarter donation reward of:

"Stylized in-game portrait of you to be placed on our maps"?

Did Donald waive that? Because I've never seen a portrait on even one map let alone multiple maps.

Am I now going to have a black bag thrown over my head and wake up tied to a chair in a dark room in Slovenia while Marox smokes and calmly suggests I don't worry about it?

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  • 29 Sep

Who told you that?

He is an australian/oceania player and I don't think he even plays anymore, but I saw a couple screenshots of him from a friend 2-3 weeks after release and was just running around with normal Royal Helmet.

Mines no different than anyone elses either


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  • 29 Sep

There is no special helmet for the 10k guy, you can go to the Kickstarter and read the rewards for each tier.

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  • 30 Sep

The real reward for dropping $10k on a kickstarter for a video game is the huge loss of self respect and the sudden realization of "My God, I just spent $10,000 on a video game."