Toolboxes part 3 : Invasion

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This post will sum up the other two I've made but if you want to read them, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

So, since Invasion came out, the number of Toolboxes drastically increased. Which means the number of Firebombs and Smoke Bombs increased too. This was bound to happen, but sadly most of the basic issues with the Toolbox hasn't been addressed. I say that but I make it sound much worst than it is.

Again, playing and an Engineer right now is fun ! In term of overall gameplay, the Toolbox is in a good state ! Also wanted to say that having walls starting off as a pile of planks is a good change to prevent trolling.

Let's go on the main subjects :

Add a system to identify which building is yours, your allies or you enemies

When you are alone, it's easy to keep track of your buildings. But all you need is an other ally with a Toolbox and it becomes a mess to know if your six buildings are still up. Trying to fill gaps left by destroyed buildings can be complicated as you're not sure if the destroyed building is yours or not.

Additionally, it can be hard for all to know which team built what. It would help a bit to determine if a constructed building was made for trolling or not, and to identify defensive positions created by buildings.

An idea would be to add a small colored cloth patch to buildings. It could be green for your buildings, and team-colored for the others. For deatchmatch/BR, it could be green for yours and red for your enemies.
A really deep system is not needed. No HUD elements are required. Such system would be informative without breaking immersion.

Give points for repairing and destroying buildings

Let's be honest : repairing and destroying buildings is NOT rewarded point-wise, and it's a hard and necessary job. I find it even strange myself that the only reparation that rewards you points is map-barricades. It's even worse on Invasion since the only way to gain point from repairing is gone ! So not seeing your work rewarded in the scoreboard is disappointing. Mordhau rewards completing objectives really well, as long as support with Medkits. Building and repairing is the weakest point here.

It doesn't, and shouldn't, be a 100 point per fully repaired/destroyed building. Getting 10, or at best 25 points from that should be more than enough.

Now of course, that would mean players could farm points by having a teammate damage friendly buildings and have them repaired. Here's a small algorithm for that :

When damaged
    if damager is teammate
        friendlyDamage[buildingID].addUp(damage done)

When repaired
    damage repaired = damage repaired - friendlyDamage[buildingID]
    if damage repaired > 0
        give points
        friendlyDamage[buildingID] = 0
        friendlyDamage[buildingID] = friendlyDamage[buildingID] - damage repaired

Allow the destruction of our own buildings with the Toolbox

The only reason I use the Heavy Handaxe is because re-positioning your buildings is a pain. If you misplace a building, you either have to destroy your building by hand or go above the 6 building cap. The first method isn't doable if you only have the Wooden Mallet or the Blacksmith Hammer, since you can't destroy buildings with those, and the second isn't really practical as you might have to demolish your entire setup beforehand.

Not being able to destroy your buildings easily forces the use of the Heavy Handaxe for Engineers, which heavily reduces loadout choices. You could add an alt-mode with the Wooden Mallet and the Blacksmith Hammer to allow building damage, similar to how the Heavy Handaxe works, or an alt-mode with the Toolbox to immediately destroy our stuff. The latter would require a system to identify which buildings are ours or not.

Give assist points when someone else uses our Balista

Players using the Toolbox are support players that wants to help the team and focus on the defense of objectives. So when someone steals your Balista, you aren't the kind of player to kick them off it. I'm not here to hurt my team, but help them.

Getting point from players taking our Balista would not only encourage diversifying Engineer's work (being more focused on repairs rather than Balista kills), but also having player taking our Balista not being frustrating. It doesn't have to be a 1:1 ratio, not should it give any kill credit on Balista kill, but it should be enough to prove our work is worth it.

Add or move ammo crates to make them easier to find and reach

Toolbox efficiency is linked to the position of the closest ammo crate. This almost deserve a thread of its own, as Toolbox isn't the only weapon affected by this, but know that there are some problematic ammo crate spots, especially on Taiga.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • 27 Sep '19

fair enough

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  • 28 Sep '19

sounds good

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  • 3 Oct '19

Tool boxes are a pain it the arse in invasion mode.

Spammed in multiple lines, it's tedious to deal with them and the big counter is destroyed with a smoke bomb, hell 1 smoke bomb will remove the radius of multiple firebombs that are spread out.

I agree that structures should be labelled so if people build troll stuff you know who to votekick.

If you make ammo crates easier to get to you get more spam of
Basically all projectiles get buffed

Then you have quick build for structures, quicker than people can destroy them.
It might be okay with certain maps but with the current, rather small, tight and bottlenecked maps I don't think it would benefit the game overall.