How to defend the Warden easly

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  • 22 Sep '19

Its simple really first you need to make an actual attempt then you need two engineers and that's it really 629760_screenshots_20190921201542_1.jpgthis match was fun but an absolute cluster fuck at the end

basically I snuck into the dungeon at the start an opened the trap door before I died and by some amazing stroke of luck the king fell into the well straight through the trap door got trapped in the cells and died it was fucking hilarious

unfortunately however this wasn't a good thing every one flocked to the warden which forced us into choke points Blue could use their long weapons to hit us past their defenses but we couldn't do the same firepots only blocked our path even more and our catapult couldn't reach the warden that deep underground

we got completely shut down so if any one says the warden is undefendable they've never tried

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By the way why can the catapault one shot commander maul even at a distance?

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  • 24 Sep '19

rocks can kill kings in one hit its a historic factDINO.jpg

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historical accuracy argument again?

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  • 28 Sep '19

back then kings did not know how to turn off their objective markers, making them very susceptible to surprise catapult assassinations and naked firepot yeets
it's all well documented stuff really

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  • 28 Oct '19

@TombstoneJack said:
Its simple really first you need to make an actual attempt

u lost me