Halloween draws near

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  • 15 Sep '19

Its close to my favorite time of the year that's why im hear to ask the big questions.

aside from the unlocked face sliders can we also paint our skin like we can the cloth items I wanna be the hulk

who do I have to fight suck or 3rd thing to get my legendary chicken knight added as an emblem70bc9cdac671350b4424fabf152403f2.jpg also spooky helm icon pwz27xgszxjcmx21.jpg

but most important of all will the update be referred to as the pumpkin patchie?629760_screenshots_20190907180541_1.jpg

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  • 16 Sep '19

inb4 they don't allow unlocked face sliders again because they hate fun

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  • 20 Sep '19

halloween event would be cool but don't expect the devs to waste too much time/effort on it

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  • 10 Oct '19

The plague can be somewhat of a good way to reason this creepy setting.

Dead plague doctors, carts fool of bodies, soaked black bandages, distant ringing of the bell, morbid coughs and hopeless preys from behind cross-marked and sealed-shut doors, pits of burnt bodies, rotting cattle, rats in the dungeon.
Maybe turning invasion on Grad into a event, company returning from a distant crusade to their castle only to find out that because of their state they are no longer welcome here, so they storm the walls in a blind rage. Turn warden into a plague doctor and King into an inquisitor.
Making it so flesh wound would trigger upon beheading, playing around with colors and light on server maps, making it sharp and eerie. Catapults launching bags of heads or bodies of plague-stricken.
Horde mode can be made into something resembling Shaun vs the evil dead, no need to make new sets of armor for the event, just add dem skelly boys and dark knights with slightly different grunts and screams, to make them seem somewhat dead.
But none of it matter, since no event will be given to us it seems.

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  • 10 Oct '19

@Just said:
But none of it matter, since no event will be given to us it seems.

Who cares? Or... who is surprised by that?
How would they be able to come up with any kind of "event", when, on the other side, they aren't able to provide any noteworthy progression for the game in general?

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  • 10 Oct '19

I care, for I like this game, and I would like to see it grow in all of different ways it can and will wait for it to reach it's maximum potential in a year or two, if it would manage to last this long, which I hope it will, for the sake of players and developers.
And no one is surprised, because it would be foolish to expect any drastic changes within patches post release. This is not a AAA class game, nor this is a big studio that can afford pulling in experienced freelancers to do this and do that. This is their first-timer, and they are doing best they can with damage control and polishing of the game.
Imagine slowly creating this game over years, lots of ups and downs, scrapped ideas and maps reworked, all of the balance changes and animation glitches. Sometimes it takes days just to fix a bug that was caused by a misplaced number within the code. Making games is hard, making you'r first game is a whole lot harder.
I do not expect them to come up with an event, they have plenty to deal with at the moment, and there is too many of us, arguing and frowning, and there is not that much of them to handle that all.

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  • 10 Oct '19

its so sad... :/