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  • 15 Sep '19

I’m not the most imaginative of people and I’m getting bored of playing 3/3/3 with weapon all the time. Can any of you give me some interesting and fun to play build ideas?

Conscript 883 1816
  • 15 Sep '19

Bow + bear trap is the most devious setup

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  • 15 Sep '19

just play naked rat with maul and a beartrap or some short spears

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  • 16 Sep '19

I've been playing a spearchucker grug build lately, as an alternative to the typical greatclub grug.

Naked caveman with the dyed linen hosen to make it look like he's just wearing a team colored speedo
Bloodlust, huntsman
Short spear
2x javelins (or rocks, not bc they're good but bc it's funny as fuck to yeet a bunch of rocks at people in full plate and watch them stand in disbelief as they're pelted with 15 damage over and over)

It's so fun. You're fast, run around, support teammates by stabbing filthy urbanites in the head, 4 javelins is incredibly obnoxious, bonus points if you roleplay like a caveman (only speak in grunts if you chat, sneak around near back lines, hunt their cavalry like hippos and throw spears at them, sneak behind their archers and harvest their chocolates, etc)
I went 43-3 using this on a game of Grad last night. Had about 28 kills before I became King but I inspired someone on the enemy team to steal my build too.

Support builds in general are a lot more fun than just being a metalord zwei/halberdcuck.

Arming sword/medkit/crossbow is also really fun, I got over 10k points and 840 gold using this before on a game of crossroads pre-patchie. I forget the armor and perks but I believe it was 1/1/1 or 1/2/1 for fashion, I know I had huntsman for sure but you can fill out the rest yourself.

Engineer builds are really fun too, making pillboxes and outscoring the metaplebs with your meme builds is very satisfying. I have a ton of clips that I need to compile into a video one of these days.

Another one I really enjoy, more of a pure offensive build but very fun and effective

2/2/1, spangenhelm, chainmail, your choice of pants, fur boots
axe/targe, bloodlust, wrecker, throwing axes or rocks

barbarian or raider voiceline is mandatory ofc

the axe is a very unassuming weapon, it's FAST and hits hard. the mobility of the light armor and high damage and speed from the axe is pretty potent, i honestly prefer it in 1vxs compared to some bigger weapons just because the target switch ripostes are so fast and hard hitting

you can also go naked (0/0/1, skirt and bracers) with the same weapons and take some good perks if you're confident with your footwork, bloodlush + rush + wrecker together is scary if you have enough noobs to keep healing off of

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  • 16 Sep '19

b but i like 3/3/3 Longsword

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  • 16 Sep '19

Thx I’m loving these ideas, any more? I’ve tried making an aragorn cosplay with recurve bow, longsword 0/1/1 and perks that I found on reddit and its pretty fun playing melee and archer at the same time.