Remove toolbox and buildable constructions from Invasion mod

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  • 11 Sep

Right now it is endless spamming of spikes and buildable constructions, so attackers cant do anything ...

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  • 11 Sep

Building finally makes some sense and you want to remove it? That would be stupid...

You have a point of course, tactics like encasing your boss player on Grad into several layers of shields on top of the fortress IS a bit stupid, but those things can easily get fixed with no-building-areas.

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So throw some firebombs?

You can't just complain about something so easily counterable without even trying said counter. People were literally already burning the shit out of those spikes as you took this screenshot.

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  • 11 Sep

Imagine being mad about the toolbox of all things lmao

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  • 12 Sep

I am not angry at all. I just wanted to point out the current situation with the abuse of constructions.
In the picture above, there was like 5 - 6 engineers, just crazy spamming non stop with toolbox.
Of course, there is no need to take drastic measures like removing a toolbox, but some solution needs to be found.

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  • 12 Sep

It's common knowledge that advance of medieval troops was historically best countered by a strong line of dudes magically spawning self-building wood constructions right in front of the enemy.

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@Shitscrubber64 said:
So throw some firebombs?

The answer will be Smoke Bombs. But you can also equip melees that are good against constructions, like axes. On top of that, payload objectives destroys constructions in the way.

@Bi5h0p said:
Of course, there is no need to take drastic measures like removing a toolbox, but some solution needs to be found.

The thread is literally called "Remove toolbox and buildable constructions from Invasion mod". You are asking for the drastic measures.

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  • 12 Sep

Yeah the building is ridiculous, I'd rather just remove engineer completely please

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engineers are just like archers the zweihander glows when near

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Just because Invasion on Camp (your screen) provides a situation, when a cart is pushed on relatively big and open area, it means that instead of one builder (comparing to Frontline) it takes two or more builder persons for spikes to be effective...

On the other hand, I understand how this can be frustrating for the attackers as they can't use walls and spikes (which are by nature defensive tools). So it may feel unfair to the attackers that the other team uses spikes.

I guess currently there is no analogue tool/weapon that would only be useful for the attackers...
Unless... shooting from distance to the farmers on Grad? Feels unfair to the defenders? Running fast without armor to kill the farmers might feel unfair to the defenders? Destoing barricades on Taiga (since the defenders have no way of retreat to heal) can feel unfair to the defenders? Idk...