So what's the point of secondary weapons?

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  • 13 Sep '19

you get 30 stamina being disarmed and i play maul+arming sword because sword is easier to do final hit when you hit him with maul 1 time

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  • 15 Sep '19

@Runagate said:
You heard him boys, drags are useless.

That's not what I said, I said they rely entirely on your opponent making (or having made) a mistake. You can drag, accel, feint, morph all you want but a good opponent will be able to parry it all.

Regenerating stamina is only possible if BOTH fighters back off to breathe. A hyper aggressive opponent can keep the fight going until one person runs out of breath. I'm not saying this is a good strategy and it can backfire on them, like if you manage to get a hit in and gain stamina, but if you're the one being disarmed, this same kind of opponent will not give you enough time to pull out a secondary and parry his next attack. That's why I created this thread.

The only good tip I got in this thread was attacking first for a stamina advantage, I will keep that in mind, thanks. I'll probably ditch my secondary to get more leg armor or the acrobat perk. I'm leaning towards acrobat, helps dealing with pesky shield users.

I usually play a 3-3-2 greatsword build, leaving me with 1 point for a perk or a secondary, for the record. I ditched the longsword because its lower range really hurt me against certain long weapons, or someone using dodge.

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  • 16 Sep '19

i use a secondary axe for when i need to chop down something i rarely use it for combat