Warden Falling Down Ladder on Grad = Round Loss

71 49
  • 11 Sep '19

If you are the Warden on Grad map, and you fall down the ladder in one of the towers, you are given only 5 seconds to get back into the castle zone before you are auto killed. It is impossible to get back up in time, which means game over.

Knight 269 711
  • 11 Sep '19

^ this happened to me one game when I was playing as a commander. I was blocked into that room on all sides and the entire floor was on fire. I thought I could hide on the ladder but nope. Just suddenly died.

201 402
  • 11 Sep '19

sorta the same situation on camp, as blue team i got pushed off the area where the spikes are landing in the river. it gives me 5 sec to get back but i have to run the long way around. 5 seconds is way to brutal, especially when the boundaries are invisible