Timed out while waiting for the inventory

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  • 10 Sep

Hello together,

first of all I love this game.

The problem is: I can't play it anymore, to be more specific since the 30st of august.

When I try to start the game it takes ages (!) to load and when it has finished and I try to join a game I am not able to spawn and get kicked with the following message:"Timed out while waiting for the inventory".

In the menu it also says I am lvl 1 and that I have no gold, both isn't true.

I already read about the advise to restart the game over and over again until the game "remembers your inventory", it doesn't work! I have tried it so often that I get more and more angry.... sorry.

I also tried to restart steam over and over again and reinstalled the game... the game is also installed on an SSD and is not blocked by the firewall.. I have tried everything... and since it doesn't work since the last updates I also don't think it's my fault.

Please help me, I am really desperate at this point...


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  • 10 Sep

I am having exact same problem too. It started after big update with ranked duels. No good since.

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  • 12 Sep
This fixed my problem. Just connected steam with my mobile connection.