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Patch #11 Released

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  • 18 Sep '19

@CarnifeX said:
Ok Guys,
we need a Hotfix, the Game completely broke now since the last Night.

Most if not all Players lose their Progress,
after they get the "Please Wait..." Message (for several Minutes waiting...) at the Start of the Game.

Everything started over Night, when we cant spawn anymore and got kicked after some Seconds with:
Kicked from server "Timed out while waiting for the inventory"

I noticed we had a Steam-Update right in this Situation,
so i would assume, this has something to do with it.

Because the losing of Progress happened after Steam Update,
and the "Timed out while waiting for the inventory" just didnt let us Spawn and kicked us out of Lobbys before.

I would suggest, that everyone who isnt able to play anymore with Inventory Time-Out,
shouldnt start the Game anymore, after they updated the Steam Client,
UNTIL the Devs gives us a Hotfix.
Because otherwise you could lose all of your Progress.


@Void said:
Steam maintenance caused the problem.

There was 2 announcements in discord.

"It appears that the regular steam maintenance is either still in progress or has affected our backend in some way. We apologize for this interruption and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks."

"During this time, if you encounter the "please wait" inventory screen for more then 30 seconds or so, we advise that you close down the game and try again later. Waiting on it, may incur some inventory conflicts. Thanks"

Thank you for info.

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  • 19 Sep '19

This update seemed to ruin the sound quality of mordhau, it seems that certain sounds just don't happen and when I use voice commands other people are louder than my own voice. I don't hear my self taking damage or anything that is behind me so it is a bit frustrating to get killed by a person I couldn't hear.

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All sounds coming from behind do not work this patch for me. It is particularly vexing cause a horse will run me down with no warning and the hoof beats only play after it's ran past and killed me.

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  • 19 Sep '19

It's nice how Taiga when released was red biased, a few updates and it became blue biased and add invasion and it's back to red biased.

Camp is a horrible map with invasion. I good that is named camp though because that's what happens when you're on the blue team, you get camped.

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  • 19 Sep '19

Meant to edit above message. Please delete.

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  • 19 Sep '19

LOD'ing is pretty much nonexistent in Invasion. It was already somewhat of a noticeable trend in Mordhau maps that their lack of optimization suggests they were made by artists, not gamedevs. You get stuck on random boxes/rocks, objectives are uninspired, EVERYTHING has complex collision - even the scenery trees in Contraband more than 1km away from the playable area and the cart barrels on Taiga/Grad which permanently get you stuck if they fall on you.

And now with Invasion everyone's reporting worse performance than in other modes. Geez, I wonder why.

  • The super detailed fire effects (Taiga, Grad) have no max draw distance. The particle emitters are always being rendered - even from the super far away view while selecting your spawn. As soon as you spawn as blue team during Grad's final objective you're looking in the direction of the burning village - with its ~15 resource-hogging fire emitters. Why doesn't the fire just die out after half a minute?
  • When the mine starts collapsing in Taiga, you can see the rocks falling even when you're in the spawn selection screen. Why?
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  • 20 Sep '19

Nice Hotfix, i hope these fixed problems are now history.
Sadly it pushed the other things(maps etc.) back, but thats the way it is.

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Решил значит в дуэли сыграть. В итоге на высоких рангах бегают люди с рапирами и перками под них, которые кружат вокруг тебя. А из-за того что урезали то, что противник сзади не может получить урон, им полный шик. Копейщики + уклонение. Щиты плюс рапиры. И все тому подобное. В крации, расхотелось мне играть больше в дуэли из-за этого. Хотя я и ждал этот режим так долго :(

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  • 22 Sep '19

Hey, i'm a returning player after 2 to 3 months or so. I've logged on to notice my rank has been reset to 1 and I have no gold anymore. But when I go into my classes that i've created I still have the ones that were there, so I assumed it was a bug. But once I got into a game and selected my class I spawned in with nothing. Is this a known bug or a one off? and is there a fix for it?

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  • 23 Sep '19

Mordhau 2: Quest for the Mappie

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  • 24 Sep '19

In the Name of the sacred whatever.. change the Team-Markers Default to ON,
so every Beginner to this Game starts with Markers, instead of Weeks and Months attacking Teammates like crazy.

May I introduce you: common sense! :)

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  • 24 Sep '19

Where Feitoria patchie

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I dunno if these two things are related, but ever since this patch came out my connection in the servers is TRASH. I try joining different servers with 40 ping and such. I've tried resetting my home router which we pay extra for better internet (it also works fine with everything but Mordhau).

They keep saying "packet loss, high ping, disconnecting" and now sometimes when I die then i'm just dead. There is no option to respawn. It's so annoying I've rage quit a few times just to stop playing Mordhau.

Please fix your servers.

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  • 24 Sep '19

is anyone else having server issues with the mods, im unable to load into my own server because my mods wont install and nor will it for my admins any ideas why?

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  • 25 Sep '19

The people want Feitoria!

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  • 25 Sep '19

Devs, I have a question. Will we get both feitoria and castello next patch or just one of them?

Knight 7768 14327
  • 25 Sep '19

knowing them, you'll get neither

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  • 25 Sep '19

You'll get level 1 and standard loadouts.

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  • 26 Sep '19

i really dont care about the maps anymore as long...

we get a proper disappearing-hitboxes fix,
disappearing hitboxes at swing-end-movement fix(noticed on the executioner sword),
general stab fix(re-aim window/mid-weapon attack),
overhead fix/improvement (lousy aim detection),
archer weapon-change nerf,
waraxe nerf, spears & rapier(and all these other lightspeed stabbing "weakons") nerfs...
because the game has becoming nothing more than a stabsimulator in invasion/frontline,

and last but not least, unicode names support - same steam uses!

oh and well, all the standard expections like better servers, no more framedrops & lagspikes
and a change of the options,
so the Teammarkers (H) should be ON by default(atleast for every beginner from now on)
and a toggle for Team-Colors in the Char-Editor Screen, so we truly see how our Chars look in Team-Modes(has every team-based game today...)

(dunno how i should call these bugs etc. correctly, english is not my native language and i'm NAE)

good day...

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  • 27 Sep '19
 elwebbaro — Art

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