This game is NOT skill based

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  • 5 Sep '19

Im sure some of you are glad to hear, im uninstalling this poorly made and disappointing game.

Way back when this game was announced, it was described by the devs as trying to go for a "realistic sword fighting game". The same interview which talked about the dynamic of armor (plate being vulnerable to blunt weapons but strong vs slash), wanting to relay "realistic movement", and wanting to give the player the sense that they were "Actually fighting with real weapons".

I wanted something that was ACTUALLY gonna reward real life swordsmanship, out thinking your opponent, but this game doesn't, at all

In fact, MOST players I encounter don't know a damn thing, but get away simply by playing to the (broken) mechanics of the game

-Hitting in the first frame of a swing (yeah, that doesn't work IRL, try again)
-Getting RIGHT up on a spearman, and still being stabbed by a spearpoint THAT SHOULD be behind me, and therefore useless
-Weapons that appear to be floating, still doing max damage of a swing (again, if your weapon, relative to me is barely moving, you will NOT hit hard)
-Completely whiffing an attack, but still parrying the incoming strike (that's just outright physically impossible)

So thanks devs for lying, this is basically Chivalry 2 already. I even encountered a reverse overhead, like jesus, its not THAT hard to figure out how to prevent that. But again, relying on an overly simplistic "swing arc" as your only measure of attack, yeah, well, that's gonna happen.

Maybe one day they will add a hardcore mode that is actually realistic, but for now

Yall enjoy your arcade casual game. It is fake as shit

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  • 6 Sep '19

@Badass_Ben said:
Im sure some of you are glad to hear, im uninstalling this poorly made and disappointing game.

great, cya later and congrats on finally making a good thread

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  • 6 Sep '19

It’s just a game dude, don’t be too hypercritical on it

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  • 6 Sep '19

How does your complaints about realism make any connection to the skill of the game?

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  • 6 Sep '19

@Fleecer said:
It’s just a game dude, don’t be too hypercritical on it

You should see the Steam forums... Everybody has to announce their exit as they trash the game.

You can find most of them still playing despite their "hate" for the game.

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  • 6 Sep '19

Realism =/= Skill based

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You can't fool us, Botas

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  • 6 Sep '19

Mad cause bad

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  • 6 Sep '19


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  • 6 Sep '19

Good news. No more dumb spamthreads. Bye.
Now you finally have enough time to learn the difference between a game and RL.

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  • 6 Sep '19

hoes mad

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i mean he's kinda right. the animations in this game are horribly broken.

Edit: I mean if u have to move as spastic as possble in combination with spamming "Q" as long as the key breaks, something is kinda wrong

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  • 6 Sep '19

Realism has nothing to do with skill
The game is skill based obviously but i would agree that the meta is pretty one-dimensional

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  • 6 Sep '19

All of this coming from the dude that is too braindead to press W when their opponent runs away from them, then complains that running is overpowered or some other dumb shit.

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  • 6 Sep '19

Disliked and Unsubscribed.


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  • 6 Sep '19


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  • 6 Sep '19

Omfg stop spamming threads on how much you hate the game and complaining about mechanics that there is absolutely nothing wrong with. If you hate the game so fucking much then we’re happy to see you go since this game obviously isn’t for you.

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  • 6 Sep '19
 The Bird

Lol I #pekt this dude in ranked around the time he posted this. He started flaming at the end. I claim the credit for this buffoon's departure.



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  • 6 Sep '19

"this game isn't skill based"

  • goes on to complain about issues with realism, which has absolutely nothing to do with skill

lol nerd

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  • 6 Sep '19

If you say something isn't skill based, but cannot replicate it yourself, then you're likely wrong