Rank Distribution

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  • 4 Sep '19

Curious if any of the devs or playerbase know what the rough rank distribution is for duelling ranks.

Like, are most players %wise platinum or whichever rank?

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  • 5 Sep '19

I'm also curious.

what sense does a ranked mode have if you don't know what rank you are.

One out of many plates doesn't mean much.

Knight 936 952
  • 5 Sep '19

I've been in plat for so long that i have no clue whats going on in the other ranks

Count 38 44
  • 5 Sep '19

I wouldn't be surprised if it makes a nice bell curve, but I'd love to see the real data. Although it seems that some people are losing on purpose to get to the lowest ranks which might screw the data at one end.