Auto Sprint

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  • 4 Sep '19

Can you please add this as an option? I’d find it very useful since holding shift makes my pinkie ache and I’d rather use left shift for something else (I’m currently using it as switch attack side). Maybe when this is enabled you can bind another button which you hold if you want to walk? Toggle sprint is annoying as you have to toggle whenever you stop moving forward which I find annoying especially if I use a lot of footwork in duels.

Also, I’ve bound w to sprint, do any of you know if this works as sometimes when I move forward it feels like I’m walking which can be very annoying when you need maximum lunge in duels.

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  • 4 Sep '19

Using AutoHotKey you could find a script to reverse a button (active unless pressed), and bind that to sprint

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  • 4 Sep '19

I also want Auto Sprint please!

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  • 5 Sep '19

I always wanted a double sprint feature.
Since Minecraft the double sprints feature became a habit in every Fps.

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  • 5 Sep '19


You could toggle that option, so each time you press the Sprint button, you'll run without having to hold anything.

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  • 5 Sep '19

If you set it up like this you always sprint, When you want to move slowly you hold Ctrl to crouch, or release W and hold shift.