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  • 3 Sep '19

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Remove Horses?
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  • 3 Sep '19

They are just too powerful of a thing to be available for free.

The following is just a list of possible ideas that don't involve removing them entirely.

Earn Tactical Resources to buy Horses with

  • In Frontline, players could collect "Tactical Resources" by doing objectives and/or getting kills, which they can spend to spawn in Horses (with spawn limits of course) - rather than just being this free thing that spawns in a fixed location you can jump on and use. Tactical resources could also be used to buy siege weapons, bandages/medical kits, or even special weapons. That way, taking down a Horse or enemy siege weapon would feel very rewarding, because you are actually hurting the enemy's resource pool.
  • Downside: None that I could see, as long as spawn limits are done properly.

Add a bounty mechanic.

  • The more kills a player gets without dying, the more their bounty goes up, awarding additional score and draining additional tickets from the enemy team when killed. That way, when you finally kill that damn rider, you get a huge score to compensate you for all of your hardwork. This will incentivize more people to actively hunt down horses, thus indirectly nerfing them. By making high bounties drain many tickets, you won't have to worry avoid people losing the game because they're chasing down horses instead of controlling capture points.
  • Downside: it will make people salty if they get their kill stolen.

Require perks to be efficient with Horses.

  • Significantly nerf horses, then add Perks that allow you to deal extra damage with couched/rideby attacks, dismount/mount them faster, better control/turning, activate sprint to make the horse move faster for a short period of time, etc. Without any perks, Horses will just be a way to travel between areas. With all of the perks, Horses will feel as they do now: extremely powerful, but you will have to actually invest points into your character. If I have to spend 8 points on a Toolbox to deal with Horses, then I don't see why riders shouldn't spend some points to be effective riders as well.
  • Downside: None that I can see, but depending on how it's done it might not be a big enough nerf.

Require perks to attack while on Horses

  • Simple alternate idea to the one above: just make an 8 point perk called "Rider". Without it, you cannot attack while on a horse.
  • Downside: Unintuitive, less fun, and after killing a guy on horse you can't take his horse for a quick joyride and get a few kills.

Horse kills drain tickets.

  • If a horse dies, it drains a significant amount of tickets from the owner's team. This adds consequences to using Horses, and rewards those that seek them out, sort of like the Bounty System.
  • Downside: Allows troll players to "Feed" with Horses and drain their team's tickets, so it's probably not a good idea by itself.

One per player

  • This is a simple alternative to the tactical resources idea. Basically each player has the option to spawn themselves a Horse from the team's stables. You can only do this once per game, and there's a spawn limit (depends on the map). Theoretically you could have players spawn horses for their team even if they don't intend to use them, but it would still make the number of horses finite.
  • Downside: Probably won't solve anything because you still have 20~32 horses per team depending on how many people are in the game, and I doubt you'll need more than that. Furthermore it might create toxicity from players stealing each others horses, or refusing to spawn ones in to help their teammates.

...Just Remove Them (for now)

  • Yeah well, you could just remove them too. Put them back in when Developers have a real solution. Not an ideal solution, but if you ask me, it's probably better than nothing. Generally speaking Horses, while fun to use, are not fun for anyone else involved: not even their own team.
  • Downside: horse "mains" will rage
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  • 4 Sep '19
 The Bird

I never use horses, but I still think we should just leave em'. Maybe decrease the amount in crossroads, but otherwise, just use a billhook or place spikes. Or hide. I don't really see them as too much of an issue at the moment.

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  • 4 Sep '19

Well said Bird.
Also, heart for you Mittsies.
One person said maybe make them less prevalent...such as spawn timing and amount available. Even remove them completely from certain maps...specifically Mountain Peak.

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  • 4 Sep '19

I'd hate to see them gone entirely. A huge increase to the respawn time might actually be a good start, that way the field can't just be spammed w horses which is where it really gets awful and diminishes the finer points of the game.

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  • 4 Sep '19

Balance. No removal.

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  • 6 Sep '19

AT LEAST once a map (sorta depending on map) kniggas spout something about horse hate. Very surprised poll doesnt have more votes. Bump to page one

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  • 7 Sep '19

Saturday bump

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  • 8 Sep '19

Horse spawn rate needs to be decreased. Not fun playing against a team with 4 horses running through your spawn. Should have frontline servers available with horses disabled as an option. What would help would be an archery perk that did a lot more damage to horses. Right not a horse can just drive by flame bomb a ballista very easily

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  • 8 Sep '19

I think you've confused "official" with "unofficial"...

That said, I voted no. I think the horses will be absolutely fine with some tweaking. Isn't the next big update gonna nerf them anyway? Removing the flinching and stuff, or was that update already released?

Really though my only issue with the horses were that flinching mechanic as well as their ease of use.

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If you can't delete the horse, you should define the horse as a weapon. This is interesting. Any map can use your own horse. This is interesting.

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  • 8 Sep '19

For me the main problem is that if you hit horse or rider, he will just ride away, regen and come back. Not much risk for one-shotting people and having high mobility. Could be solved by following (numbers are just for example):

  • if a horse takes more than 15 damage in 1 hit, it slows down to gear 1
  • if a horse takes more than 40 damage in 1 hit (or in span of 1 second), it stops and dismounts a rider
  • if a rider takes more than 40 damage in 1 hit, he gets dismounted. Encourages to invest in armor to use horses effectively. But with momentum damage working both ways it might not be needed.
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47% of people are bad. Horses are not that hard since they have been nerfed. Anyone complaining about horse is bad, I don't care if you have 400+ hours on the game, and top rank, YOU ARE BAD if you complain about horse.

Remove lance? Maybe. Decrease horse hitbox? maybe.

Increase footsteps? maybe.

Add a way to counter couching? sure.

Still people shitting on horses, and not 1 complaint about catapult, or ballista, or mortar? XD This fucking community, man. This community is astounding.

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  • 9 Sep '19

Simple solution that won't make anyone angry:

1) Lower Couched Weapon Damage to around 75

2) Increase Horse Step volume

3) Decrease Speed of horses marginally depending on health

4) Increase timed stunned after attack w/ horse

5) Make the billhook's hitboxes less frustratingly large

6) Make it so I can use a shield & combo with lance so i can joust mofos tourney style

7) Make it so tier 3 armor isn't knocked down by horses

Makes it a little more balanced, though my ideas are probably a little flawed.

Knight 766 3328
  • 10 Sep '19

@Cracksmith said:
Lower Couched Weapon Damage to around 75

Unironically a good idea because they'll probably still die anyways, and you'll get kill credit, but it won't be an guaranteed death.

It could still deal 100 damage to the head, of course, just not to the torso.

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There is no need to remove them. Modding support should allow to turn them off (or nerf) in custom servers though. Then, anyone can choose appropriate server for his preferences...

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  • 10 Sep '19

I've seen Robin's Hood got an unofficial server on FL this weekend (NO HORSES) and there was like 50% players. Sigh...

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  • 11 Sep '19

NooO they already change the game way too much as it is. Do you enjoy different timings on every weapons after every patch?? It's not like the maps are horse racing rinks. It doesn't take long before your average player fumbles and gets slaughtered by six enemies anyway. Try using the horse sometime. It is very enjoyable. Additionally, they are more likely than not helping you win the round. You have all the power in the world to host a server of your own and Max out the horse spawn time.

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  • 12 Sep '19

I do ride horses.
Like <10% of the time if that.

They need to be skill based and have their own retinue of perks/anti-pro horse weapons and specialties. Decrease the number.