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Horses. Again.

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  • 3 Sep '19

Noticing that horses are still one shotting even after being slowed, and riders not being one shot despite moving at full speed. I assume the riders might release the forward button as they're getting hit or something, because that's the only logical reason I can explain how I can hit a galloping horse rider in a full sprint and not one shot him.

Also horses can speed up while next to someone, who's technically "inside" the horse, which does a damage bump, even if the horse was stopped at a standstill.

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  • 5 Sep '19

just crouch+stab, or parry
if you have a polearm you shouldn't be dying to horses unless they come up behind you while you're fighting

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  • 5 Sep '19

it depends on the weapons being used by both players a 1h even on horse will deal less dmg at lower speeds compared to getting hit by a longsword

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  • 7 Sep '19

Did you vote in my horses poll?

Look down in threads.

Either rid them or skill them.