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Frontline - When spawning in, my throwable weapon sometimes throws itself automatically

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  • 2 Sep '19

This happens to me almost 50% of the time I spawn into a capture point on Frontline, where a throwable weapon I've equipped will instantly throw itself against my will! I don't press any buttons as I'm spawning in and it seemingly throws itself as if I did (my throw key binding being 'R'). Most of the time when the weapon does get thrown, it always lands up sinking or getting stuck in the level geometry, making it impossible to pick back up. This is an extremely frustrating bug as I have no control over when this happens.

Attempts I've made to fix the issue, but to no avail:

  • Change the key binding
  • Put the throwable weapon onto Equip Slots 2 - 3
  • Use Spacebar to spawn onto the capture point
  • Change mercenary then change back
  • Equip a non-throwable weapon then change back to a throwable weapon

Any suggestions or devs attention this post gets is very appreciated :)

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  • 3 Sep '19

ive had this happen once wile playing on East coast American servers

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  • 3 Sep '19

Oh! You made me realize I forgot an important detail, I only play on the Europe servers, looks like the issue isn't just on one server region, thanks!

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  • 4 Sep '19

It happens sometimes to me, but very rare (once in say... 10h hours of play?), and with melee. And I've seen some other people doing it. Europe servers.