Yo what happened with the suspensions.

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  • 2 Sep

Didn't check forums for like a day and Furst, Maci and Mike are suspended among others. Did a big bolidics bread derail or something?
While I can imagine Furst and Maci posted something unsavory about a certain historical event and a certain ethnic group respectively, I'm kinda surprised about Mike. Wasn't he like one of the driest posters on these forums?
Makes me think someone on a power trip is responsible for all 3 suspensions and then some.
Anyone here know what happened?

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they got too political in the "I know how toxic you need to be to get banned" thread and got crushled

I didn't bother reading it to see if it was justified or not because i've got better things to do than melt my brain reading a back and forth between a national socialist and a gay commie

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yep, Furst and Maci knew what they were getting into, but Mike and Cocyx are both first time offenders that i know of and still got temporarily banned without warning because that's how things go here, unless you are Giru or one of his henchmen, then you get special treatment and are inmune to consequences.
And that's the reason i care less and less about this place the more times this happens.

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Giru and his henchmen