Duke 553 939
  • 1 Sep '19

Please hire a sound guy holy hell. Mordhau is BORING right now and i guarantee half of the problems with the maps and game wouldn't be as bad if there was an interesting soundscape and each map was unique in its atmosphere. Hell even the parry sound is crap. I get you don't want to hire devs and use your money but sound is a key aspect of games that seems to be just being neglected here. Funny voices is not sound design. ALL the maps will feel the same regardless of how they look or how much effort you put into them because it feels like you're just playing in a stock UE4 map with pretty assets not an actual location with its own feel.

1229 896
  • 1 Sep '19

Before that, they should add a proper sound engine. Being a silent ninja should be a perk you need to equip, not a vanilla one.