Bows banned in duels

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  • 30 Aug

Will they be banned in 2v2 and 3v3 as well? Sad!

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  • 30 Aug

I hope so.

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  • 30 Aug

They have absolutely no place in duels lol

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  • 31 Aug

2h elitists win again

archertards on suicide watch

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  • 31 Aug

That one guy hit the godlike 2h master with a crossbow in a duel once and won, that should not be allowed. It's almost as cringy as using any weapon that isn't longsword.

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Yes archer OP

They should have at least made a list of what was banned in ranked ahead of time. Several of my loadouts wouldn't even work which is rather disappointing. In a game that encourages you to freely build your mercenary, it's disappointing that I cannot play how I would like narrowing down my selection of weapons available which in of self defeats the premise of the game. I would expect community duel servers to limit weapons but not an official ranked server.

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@Mittsies said:
2h elitists win again

archertards on suicide watch

one day the handcannoncaust will come to pass and we'll shut your dirty lying 2h mouths for good

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Remember in Chivalry's duel mode where archers oneshotting you from across the map was totally fine but you weren't allowed to equip throwing axes/knives.

Fun times. Banning ranged weapons from duels in Mordhau was the right call.

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  • 31 Aug

Archers in chivalry duels was the biggest cancer

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  • 31 Aug

If they want to please everyone, they should simply offer two leagues. One with bows, firebombs and all the other stuff and one with only melee weapons.

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  • 31 Aug

Tbh it would be cool to have separate Archer ranked 1 v 1/2 v 2 mode. The new call of duty has 2 v 2 mode that looks kinda interesting. Although good map design is extremely important for Archer duel mode so I am not sure if they can just use the current map to make it balanced and skill based.