Build #9 Released, Future Updates

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  • 30 Aug
 Jax — Community Manager

Welcome back!


This latest update includes a host of improvements and features to MORDHAU - starting with duels, we’ve now implemented our first iteration of ranked play, a variety of gameplay improvements, map balancing to Crossroads, quality-of-life improvements, new cosmetics and more!

This update is the first of multiple coming to MORDHAU within the coming weeks; we’ve decided to break up our incoming additions into smaller updates to ensure that we can release new content without excessive delays. Expect iterative patches coming in the very near future that will build upon what’s currently available, and stay tuned for even more content and features soon, such as new maps, modding support, more gameplay adjustments and improvements for weapons, shields and archers, the new Invasion game mode, ranked 3v3 mode and more!

If you’d like to read all the changes for this update, check out our changelog:

As said above, we've decided to break up the content and features we’ve been working on for the past few months into smaller, progressive updates that will gradually build upon the base game. This will allow us to release specific things when they are ready, instead of holding up progress until all of these features are complete. We expect to have a much quicker turnaround between our latest update and the next; while we don’t have a specific timeline, a reasonable estimate would be a matter of weeks between these updates.

You can look forward to (in no particular order):


Feitoria and Castello are nearing completion, and should be ready very soon! To provide a bit of insight, these two maps are in different stages of completion, with Feitoria being closer to a release. Expect these maps to come along with other updates, but it’s likely that they will come in different patches.


The Invasion game mode is an asymmetrical attack-defend mode with a heavier emphasis on teamwork, objective interaction and a more focused experience than what you’d find in Frontline. Progress has been great on this mode, and at the moment we’re currently play-testing it on Camp, so we can further refine the mode before adding it to other maps. We plan on polishing this up in the coming weeks, and implementing the mode on all maps that currently have Frontline enabled.


With our latest update, we’ve launched 1v1 duels in a “beta” state to further refine our matchmaking, Elo system and to gauge interest in the game mode. Once we’re satisfied with the state of duels, we’ll be expanding this mode to include ranked 3v3’s as well. It’s important that we ensure duels play well first, and make sure that the gameplay and “meta” is in a good state before opening up the team variant.

Mod Support

While making a Software Development Kit (SDK/mod tools) is a big priority for us, it’s also a major undertaking that will require quite a lot of development resources, and ultimately quite a bit of time as well. To help support our wonderful modding scene, we’re currently in the process of implementing mod auto-download features - server owners can simply select what mods they want, and players only need to join the server to download these mods!

These are just the main areas we’re currently addressing, but more progress will be coming in the future as well. Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Duke 5501 13138
  • 30 Aug
 Jax — Community Manager

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ah yes

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Lmao maps still aren't finished

Edit: and won't be for weeks wew lad

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mmmmmmh patchie

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LET SLIP THE CHICKENS OF WAR70bc9cdac671350b4424fabf152403f2.jpg

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Fucked up and double posted below

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Exactly what I wanted 😘

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Glad to see new content! I really like duelling and LTS.

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big ol' penis

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Just logged in. I lost access to almost all of my armor =(. Is there a way to fix this?

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restart your game, i had that problem and restart fixed it

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Ranked of a size larger than 3v3 might also be nice. Yes it might rarely have an actual matchmaking population larger than 12, but you get more build variety in larger groups.

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Not entirely sure about those weapon changes tbh, espacially the longsword speed buff really bothers me, its already so fast if you accel. Now with its solid range stat its hard to play against and just promotes one dimensional gameplay of just acceling.