Lets make an official Lutebot to the game.

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  • 25 Aug '19

Some players use a Lutebot for fun. However, plenty of players wants to have a LuteBot, but don`t wanna download this. What about make a function for a lute to play songs? Or make a function to create songs on lute?

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  • 25 Aug '19

Yes, that should obviously exist as a vanilla feature.
But no need for that now, so keep it in mind for a time when the game made it over the next big obstacles and back to life.

Then it could be implemented together with a few more instruments and a way to keep those afk lute players from ruining matches by doing nothing or trolling around...
Like allowing those instruments only when a match is already decided or something like that.

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  • 25 Aug '19

The lute detracts from the game, IMO. I wouldn't object if volunteer devs worked on a lute mod, but I hope "add features to the lute" isn't anywhere in the top 20 dev priorities.

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  • 29 Aug '19

There would be no point, the devs have much more important things to work on. And beside, what would they gain by making this if the community made one works perfectly fine?

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  • 30 Aug '19

Would be neat if you could just play the damn thing in the game like a real instrument (you KIND of can, but not with any precision) and actually play notes, and chords you want to play.
There are many ways to do this, either with the computer keyboard, in game strings to pluck, or the angle you are holding the lute.