Getting kicked for no reason

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  • 22 Aug '19


There is a bunch of kids trying to kick me everytime they see me on the servers,

Making up a big story in chat, and they always succed to kick me.

Is there a way to contact an admin, so he can checks the logs or I don't know,

Their names : (I don't have the steam ID yet)

  • FluffyChsBurger
  • The Ah The Sage

I play on australian servers.

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  • 24 Aug '19

Yes. You contact the admins on the Discord server (see the official rules thread), and show them a video of the griefing. You'll need to show the scoreboard, to prove it's an official server.

If there were logs to check, of course, this would be easier for you. There are none.

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  • 26 Aug '19

thank you for the help