240 only on Y-axis stabs (120?)

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  • 22 Aug
 Fred Dawes

I'm a tryhard ex-chiv player, and I prefer keybinds using the left alt key to switch the direction of the attack. However, there currently a way isn't a way to perform high/low stabs without enabling the 240 system.

Is there any way to lock the 240 system to the Y-axis during stabs, and use keybinds for all other strikes? If not, can this control option be added? It seems simple to implement and would be a good quality of life feature for keybinds players like me.

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  • 22 Aug

That would be really helpful. The 240 system right now is not considered viable by the fast majority of high skill players. A lot of people don't find this out until they have already spent a lot of time in game. It would add a lot of value for everyone (not just the high end of the skill ceiling) if they made it fully customizable, i.e having the option to limit the 240 system to exactly the angels you want.