Issues with the Toolbox, part 2

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Part one right here, so I won't have to repeat stuff I've already said.

Since my last post, I've noticed more issues with the overall Engineer playstyle in Mordhau.

Re-placing your buildings and counter-engineering

I use the Heavy Handaxe when playing Engie for multiple reasons : it's good in fights, you can repair stuff, overall versatile, but mostly because it allows me to destroy and re-place my own buildings.
Without taking in account the Ballista, you can have up to 6 buildings. If you make a 7th, the first building you placed is destroyed. If you misplaced a building, because mistakes happens, you have to destroy it so you can re-place it. It's annoying as, unless you use the Heavy Handaxe or have a loadout with a non-repair weapon, you have to use your fists and feet to destroy your own buildings.

Even worse, if you find yourself against enemy buildings, you have to do the same : using repair weapons on an enemy's building will repair it, meaning you can't do counter-engineering yourself, forcing players on the Heavy Handaxe.

There is a real need for an identification system, so that you know what is yours, what is your team's, and being able to destroy enemy's buildings with the Wooden Mallet and the Blacksmith Hammer. As for the "destroying your own stuff" issue, putting an alt mode on the Wooden Mallet and the Blacksmith Hammer could work, but having a "Delete mode" on the Toolbox (like, holding right click then left click to destroy YOUR buildings you aim at) could also work. Sadly, those two solution are time-consuming to add.

Countering the Toolbox is NOT rewarded, point-wise

I had a Engie game on Taiga where one guy was countering me HARD. Like, the guy dedicated himself to making my life hell. It was a big battle or spike walls, fire bombs and smoke bombs. We even got the occasion to kill each others a couple of times. It was, honestly, really fun ! But then I looked at the guy's position in the scoreboard : he was low, not getting points for focusing on the guy that was pretty much blocking his team by himself.

I already mention how you should get points for repairing your and your team's buildings, but so when actively destroying your opponent's stuff. Countering engineers should be rewarded due to how they can block entire charges and flank routes.

Also, small bug : you don't get points for damaging a map Barricade with the firebomb. You only get one point if you hit the Barricade directly.

Random question : does the Firebomb work with Wrecker ?

Why Firebombs should be 3 points

Yes, yes, I already spoke about Firebombs, but I also wanted to say that, not only it's the big counter against Toolbox and a good area denial, but it's also guaranteed damage on Objectives, at range.

Even if the devs mentioned that they are going to change Firebombs, I doubt it will change the total damage done by a single Firebomb.

Being forced to one loadout

So here's what you need when you play Engie :

  • The Toolbox, duh : 8 points
  • Heavy Handaxe, so you can both repair and destroy your buildings if needed : 3 points (which can be reduced to 2-1 if the issue is resolved)
  • a Smoke Bomb to counter Firebombs : 1 point
  • Fireproof, since you WILL get bombarded by Firebombs : 1 point
  • Smith, to help with overall repairs : 1 point
  • Optionally Friendly, so you don't kill your entire team while you use the Ballista : 1 point.

You are then left with 1-2 points for armor and other skills, which can be increased to 3-4 points if you use the Wooden Mallet. There's not a lot of space for variety... I understand the cost of the Toolbox is due to how strong the weapon is and to not have high-armored players with this, but you also need a lot of points in other categories and this inflates the cost of the Toolbox. On top of that, when you use the Toolbox, you want to be fast, so Tier 2-3 armor is generally avoided.

Fixing the issue with not being to destroy your own/enemy's building will already solve a big part of the problem if not all, but if, and if, this isn't enough, a 1 point cost reduction on the Toolbox could be a good idea.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Just got two more points to address and, since this post is young, I will put them here :

Sudden teleportation when repairing

Not that much related to the Toolbox itself, but if you stand too close to map Barricades when you repair them, you might get teleported ON THE OTHER SIDE of the barricade. Being teleported to prevent being stuck in the barricade is fine, but can it be made so that we are teleported on the inner side of the barricade ? It's kind of problematic to get teleported where the enemies are when you are repairing the barricade during an incoming push.

The great mystery of "Where are the ammo crates ?"

This varies between maps and situation, but there are many situation where the ammo crates are way too far from the action or behind the enemy lines, or being much easier to get compared to one side from the other :

  • Camp have a good ammo crate repartition overall, even if the middle point crate is more sided toward the Red team.
  • Taiga's middle point could use an other ammo crate toward the log bridge entrance.
  • Taiga's Blue second point have ammo crate soooo far away. The ammo crates in the small house nearby and the one behind spawn are almost never used.
  • Taiga's Red second point have one ammo crate located in the middle of the apocalypse most of the time. A bit too far back to be used effectively by Red when they have control of the second point.
  • Crates on Mountain Peak's final points and flanks are fine, but the one in the middle really profit to the team dominating mid (Blue most of the time). Having one crate close to each second point would be much more appreciated.
  • Grad's ammo crates are overall in a good spot, even if I would like to see the ammo crate on mid be closer to the house next to the point, as it's mostly advantageous for Blue in its actual spot.