hey wake the fuck up it's BANNERLORD

Knight 7573 13872
  • 20 Aug

and apparently they're out of money lmao

Sellsword 679 2144
  • 20 Aug

@ToLazy4Name said:
and apparently they're out of money lmao

Lmao after all these years of "we're not doing EA because we want to release a polished game" from TW and now this.

1757 1412
  • 20 Aug

Pretty sure they've always said they want to release the Multiplayer version as early access (who tf cares about multiplayer bannerlord i dunno) but leave the main game out of our hands until it's finished.

1286 3791

lets just take a moment to remember all the people that actually died while waiting for this to release

Knight 2227 4000
  • 20 Aug

does it count if i died inside

Conscript 647 1454

I bet they're going to delay it.