Remove the matchmaking menu and make the server browser the default

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  • 16 Aug

If the devs are at all interested in this game's longevity, they'll remove the quick connect matchmaking menu and make the server browser the main method of joining games. At the very least, the option to queue for a random server should just be an option on the server browser menu. It's hampering the ability of privately run servers to be seen and subsequently soiling this game's potential.

Some friends and I run a community server - it's a continuation of one that we had on chivalry that ran for years. Our goal is to offer a quality, appropriately-moderated, and somewhat unique experience for Mordhau players that would rather not deal with the default wild west frontline experience (or horses, we took those abominations out).

Server browsers are not standard these days so most new players will just click on the big button that promises to put them in a game - a janky, unmoderated, equine-laden, 60-tick-at-best game. Meanwhile community servers are nearly empty. My server community attempts to kickstart our server each evening by getting a handful of players and a dozen bots together in hopes that players will find us and join. Most nights though (and this has been exacerbated by the current update drought and resultant lower player count) the server is a complete non-starter. We'll try to seed the server for over an hour only to give up due to almost no interest. This was far less of an issue in chivalry where the server browser was the default option.

Also, there is no option to favorite a server and access said favorites from the server browser. I understand the dev cycle was hectic and I don't know the first thing about programming, but I feel like this is an industry standard feature and would help immensely in establishing a regular playerbase for community servers.

Lastly, there is no option for a message of the day splash screen on servers. Chivalry didn't get this feature to work until the game was almost dead, but it helped immensely to have a way to show players an admin list, discord link, and the server rules. Being able to communicate with our players in a general way prevents open disputes about rules in chat which we prefer to avoid due to the trolling that usually follows. We also encourage our players to reach out to the admins through steam or discord if they need an admin to address issues on one of our servers.

The devs openly stated when the game was released on Steam that the launch would have been a complete failure if it weren't for the community servers picking up the slack. The cohesiveness of game communities keeps players interested and coming back despite sparse updates. I believe that through this simple UI choice the devs have ruined the opportunity for people to establish any privately run frontline servers that aren't backed by enormous, existing communities like CHG or the like. There's no point in going through the legal and coding trouble of setting up a modding SDK if there aren't going to be any private servers left.

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  • 16 Aug

This should be high priority indeed. We've experiencied the same player drought after the matchmaking started working properly...

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  • 16 Aug

I always wondered about the community servers in this game.
In previous games, those were the ones that most players used, pushing them at the top of the lists, while the standard servers dwelled below those, just being there in case of this and that.

When I start the serverbrowser in this game, I get a list filled with mostly standard servers. I know exactly three community servers. One 24/7 Crossroads server, which - no idea how that is possible - often sits at the top of the list, completely filled. One normal community server with a playerlimit of 50 players, which runs quite well but empties every other match because of matches being even more unbalanced due to padding players ruining matchmaking. And one stupidly named one that dwells somewhere in between, never filled with more than 20 players.
When I play around with the settings and let the list show all available servers, it doesn't get better. Here and there I find a few full ones or some with password, but when I look again a few matches later, they are gone again.
When I really want to find some more community servers, I have to scroll all the way down...

Soo... yeah. Long story short - I don't get it.
Is the automated matchmaking really to blame for that? Does it throw people onto nothing but standard servers?

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@esturias said:
One 24/7 Crossroads server, which - no idea how that is possible - often sits at the top of the list, completely filled.


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  • 16 Aug

I don't think removing official matchmaking is a good solution, but matchmaking for community servers would definitely help spread the player base. I made a topic proposing this
Tldr; I don't think community match making will ever be in their scope, but I would happily make an application to do this. Without a pinned topic or a link in game it would just become another dead community project and I'm not going to take that chance.
With the addition of community maps now being a thing though, a community matchmaking app with auto map downloading could definitely be a hit.

Also if you want to favourite servers, I have a web based server browser that can do this.
If I was to make a community matchmaking app, it would be built on top of the above.

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