Lets face it, Mordhau is dying and we all know why

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  • 10 Sep

I mean it is not like it has no issues, should my previous post sound like it is sided with the people who think Mordhau is absolutely without flaw. I recall many moments were random lag and just general hitboxes had been genuinely terrible, not just in the past but in the present, not to count that I agree that the community is absurd but that's another topic for another time.

Only in duels does the lag seem to cease, whereas in any other game mode with remotely more players than 20 it will sometimes be depending on the time and your luck be quite sad and not only unresponsive but also inconsistent. Most of the time it just works okay, nothing too much to point out. Here is an example: Sometimes my maul would miss the head of the enemies and still blow their skulls to pieces, but sometimes I would hit someone, with good ping on my side and the player that I was attacking, and it would not register. Sometimes my arming sword stab would hit someone even though my sword was nowhere near their torso. Albeit this happening right now is fewer to count in comparison with the release month, it happens to me nonetheless. It is not like my rig cannot handle Mordhau, I consistently get 70 fps as well. Now I understand the counter-argument against my point that the game can be quite inconsistent being: maybe you were just unlucky, I haven't had any of those problems!" Which may be true but it is still important enough to point out the issues, no matter how small or big, enough that the game can be improved. I am against mindless hate, but I am not against constructive criticism and a nontoxic discussion. Should you have a less friendly view towards that like: if they don't like it, then they can fuck off" then you have kind of given up, because unfortunately, the player base is kind of 'fucking off' already and I always do want this game to improve so I can come back and play the shit out of it for the years to come, although I had quit for its mechanics and meta, that may change for better or worse... And yet my hope will never die unless the devs just give up entirely.

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  • 10 Sep

A playerbase of 5k players is good. Mordhau is a niche-game.

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  • 10 Sep

@Proxava said:
A playerbase of 5k players is good. Mordhau is a niche-game.


Better than chiv in their first 6 months as well as the other games of the genre except maybe for honor which is more arcade casual.

Also 4-5k daily peak like last time I was on, doesn’t mean playerbase. The playerbase is always larger than the daily peak.

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  • 10 Sep

@SWSeriousMike said:
Yep, wrong expectations. I didn't expect they would sit their asses sore on the release money just to release patches that make the game worse whenever they feel like it.

I did not expect that the game would be balanced around ten people playing duels. I did not expect a map blunder like Crossroads. I did not expect that horses would stay broken forever. I did not expect hidden stats in a competitive game (and no comment about it). I did not expect incorrect server labels. I did not expect that they would add increased stamina damage for certain weapons against shields - rock-paper-scissors in a competitive game. I did not expect that they wouldn't hire anyone with all the money because they don't think they will ever sell a copy again. I did not expect the devs would abandon the game before I do. I did not expect a ranking-based dueling mode with maps that don't support it. ...


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  • 11 Sep

@Proxava said:
A playerbase of 5k players is good. Mordhau is a niche-game.

That's true, but bear in mind that the playerbase once looked quite a bit differently and just ended up where it is now because of some quite severe mistakes done by the developement team.
That niche could have been quite a bit bigger by now...

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  • 11 Sep

It seems like the people who defended the game now are starting to lose hope for this game, its really depressing but theres nothing we could really do about it.

I love this game but you guys know that unless the devs get things together its not going to survive to 2020.

May god bless the devs souls, Amen.