Some dude building a ballista in the sky on taiga

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  • 14 Aug '19

Now I suspect it is a glitch. It could be a cheat but I think you can climb up there from blue spawn. The hay roof and some of the rocks at the corner can be climbed but it gets really glitchy, I gave up after trying twice.

So the guy walked from blue spawn all the way behind the fort spawn on the skybox and built his ballista there. He also walked around in the sky. here's a screenshot of him doing that.


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  • 15 Aug '19

Yupp, saw the same. 3 guys up there. But they were entirely useless.

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  • 16 Aug '19

2019-08-16 (1).png

there is still today...

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its a glitch, people do it on mountain pass sometimes but never usually build ballistae and instead annoy archers by throwing rocks at them