Making Dodge viable for high level

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  • 13 Aug

Dodge barely receied any tweaks/ adjustments ever since they were added and still remains underused in competitive. Here's some suggestion I have to make it more viable and less annoying:

  1. Reduce perk cost to 2: Armor is arguably the most important point investment in the game. The reason why people don't use Dodge is because sacrificing 4 points to put less armor is simply not worth it.

  2. Add considerable cooldown between dodges: currently people can spam Dodge and slide away like magic carpet.

  3. Add a Dodge lockout after being parried/chambered so it's impossible to dodge while the enemy riposte lasts/ chamber morph lasts. It is there so dodge don't give free read.

  4. Add a Dodge lockout during parry so people don't early parry feint and dodge at the same time to avoid drags/ get a double parry (getting double parry with dodge is actually surprisingly easy). Which means it's not possible to parry and dodge at the same time.

  5. Add lockout after a misparry like the Comp mod man at arms (Chivalry). In comp mod, if man at arms parry window is over(after falling for feint), there would be a dodge lockout so they can't escape the punish.

  6. Add dodge lockout after being hit so it's not possible to escape a combo.

  7. Please make a distinctive and better dodge animation.

  8. Reduce dodge stamina cost to 5/7.

The idea behind the dodge 'nerfs' and reduction of point cost is so that dodge is a circumstantial tactic for spacing/occasional read (especially in team fight) instead of a sliding away playstyle. The reason why man at arms remained very cheesy and annoying in Chivalry is because the class heavily relied on dodges and it was very powerful. Dodges dictating a playstyle simply breaks the combat. Lockouts are there so dodge do not remove read/ break the flow of combat and point cost is reduced so it's a good investment. That way it can be incorporated with Mordhau.

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I have Dodge on several of my light load outs but I never use it. Just a waste of stamina and it's more like a crutch for FL noobs than a useful competitive perk. Using it in a real duel is just blowing off stamina.

I can dodge with normal footwork and light armor speed boost, why am I spending 4 points on Dodge? I forget I even have it on my light load outs.

Spear and dodge isn't particularly good but its definitely obnoxious since you can dodge after misparry or getting parried and spam poke. These suggested nerfs would make Dodge less of a noob crutch or obnoxious fluke and more of a spacing tactic for armored and unarmored players alike that doesn't break combat. Have a like.

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  • 22 Aug

Yeah dodges are useless atm, no reason to use them