Useful new dueling technique? Anti-Accel

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  • 11 Aug '19

Mordhau - Useful new technique - Anti-Accel

Let me know if this isnt new and already has a name, but I do think ”anti-accel” is pretty cool and fitting :) Attached above is the youtube video, read the description to see my best attempt at describing how to perform this move.

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  • 11 Aug '19

your form and execution is exquisite

Knight 2273 4089
  • 11 Aug '19

This has been done for ages, especially by certain spinny retards

Mercenary 179 612
  • 11 Aug '19

its good as a meme but very risky and not work it high level

Knight 18 24
  • 12 Aug '19

I do something similar with underhands. Can confirm it works mostly on noobs / once on someone good who is not expecting it.

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  • 12 Aug '19

I don’t like it much it reminds me too much of chiv moves. Or maybe I’m just triggered at all those players I duel that manage to beat me because they’re spazzing out all over the place.

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  • 12 Aug '19

Its called backswing. Basically an accel, but reverse direction.