A Not really intuitive Guide for beginners

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First off, Frontline is not where you should be learning the core mechanics of the game. You will learn many bad habits there, such as relying on morphs and feints.
Hit up the server browser and search for Deathmatch. Join a server with Duel in its name. I would recommend asking someone for help. There will be many who are willing to teach.

You should be learning accels and drags early on, as they will become core mechanics. There are many who will explain it better than me, but you accel by by moving your camera in the direction of the attack. You do the opposite of a drag.

Proper reading also needs to be learnt. In this context, it means paying attention to where the opponent's weapon is.
To learn the game, use big armour and big weapon. Dying from a single hit will hardly help your learning. You can't go wrong with a greatsword or battle axe.

For most purposes, torso armour is the most important. It is the area you will be hit most in.
However, do not simply ignore other armour pieces. Having no helmet will lead to being one-shot by the majority of weapons. If someone notices you have no leg armour, your torso armour will be made almost null.

Shields are very poor for learning, because it simply ignores the majority of the game's mechanics, such as accels, drags and feints and accels if they do not have a kick involved.
If some mongrel shield user approaches you alone with his shield up, kick him and attack with a stab or an acceled strike.

You can block throwables and projectiles such as throwing axes and arrows simply by timing the block with your weapon.

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  • 9 Aug

Before you even look for duel servers, use a local server with one bot to get a very basic feeling for the controls and mechanics.
And switch duel servers until you find a proper one with either good players who are willing to teach or players of a similar level.

When I started, those servers were full of high-level players who just wanted to farm kills, even the servers dedicated for beginners. No other new players, no chance of learning something. Tried two servers and went straight back to Frontlines.

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  • 10 Aug

Make a loadout with two training swords and drop one in front of a good player and ask them to teach you.

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Avoid maining a weapon until you learn how to use every one so if you get disarmed you can pick up another and be fine

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Unsolicited incompetent build advice:
3/3/2 + longsword + friendly + tenacious + fireproof = great "how do I into Mordhau" build and a degree of security against firebomb tards. (or just play default knight.) Max pitch foppish voice is mandatory, as is a macro for hammering the V key 20 times a second.

If you want to learn absolutely nothing and still win at Frontline, go 2/2/1 + shortspear + kite shield + friendly + tenacious + second wind. Kite is a necessity because it has a collision box the size of Ukraine, whereas the heater can be semi-reliably ignored if you're fast enough around the sides.