There is a local event where I live and I need a lot of likes to win!

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  • 8 Aug

Hey guys, it's completely unrelated to Mordhau :D !

So there is an event related to motorcycle where the best content gets a prize, so I made an awesome video and I thought my fellow knights and peasants could help a brother out !

If you could just leave a Like on the video, it's on Facebook, I would be immensely grateful !! This is very important to me ^^

Have a nice day folks, see you on the battlefield scoundrel voice

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  • 8 Aug

I'm not on FB anyway, but... you mean... the "fellow knights" you never bothered talking to before, as you only came here reporting issues and then never showed up again?

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people still use facebook?

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old people and retards yes

old people being retarded we can safely say that only retards uses it

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does the link even lead to a facebook page or is it virus central im really curious but to much of a pussy