Lost ALL of my weapon skins and mercenarys

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I had a rather good collection of outfits and weapon skins, but today when I logged in they were all gone. My clothes and are not gone, however, every weapon skin I ever bought is. That's thousands of gold coins down the drain, all to a stupid bug, and that really, really sucks. I dont know what caused it so I cant help in that regard.

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now thats a new one

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yeah. spent like 15k gold on that stuff (which is a lot for me) now just for it to all disappear. Losing my mercenaries isn't really a big deal though. I don't know if I can be compensated, but I do have proof, for at least one of my skins.

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happened to me too 2 times, but never lost skins or anything wtf

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  • 11 Aug

Any idea about the Mueller report

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sorry but due to Redaction the part mentioning the patchie is hidden