Option to Refund Cosmetics (1 Hour Limit)

Knight 737 3166
  • 7 Aug

Ever buy something by accident?
Ever buy something and realize you don't like how it looks after all?
Ever buy something and were disappointed by the lack of individual customization?
Ever buy the plume helmet as a 3rd person player and realize it completely blocks your view, making the game unplayable?
Ever wanted to try out an entire set of stuff to see how it looks together, but didn't wanna commit to actually buying it yet?

Yeah me neither.

But maybe some day it would be nice to have a simple Refund Purchase button for cosmetics, for those who want it.
(Could also include 1-hour refund limit to avoid mass-refunds when a patch comes out with an expensive new skin.)

Knight 442 852
  • 7 Aug

Honestly just 30s would be enough for me incase I fuck up and click the wrong thing.

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but i like the tension of buying something and not knowing if it will look good or not until its too late

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I wonder how it looks. Goddamnit it looks like shit. WHAT A TWIST!

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