Goldrush: an idea for Mordhau's comp mode

Knight 254 682
  • 7 Aug

Why do I remember playing something very similar, if not identical to this on a custom map in Chivalry years ago...

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SDK 2021
Arena was the best map in cmw.

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@Maci said:

@MachinePlayer said:
I think hostage rescue would be a better format, could even call it princess rescue lmao

Imagine the Headlines

As long as the princess is a tranny from buzzfeed then it should be PC

Duchess 790 3483
  • 21 Aug

I decided to remove the interlinked economy/score system as it was too complex

Others are floating around a similar mode but with a protect the king objective instead - this is a significantly less interesting mode in terms of strategy as a linear objective results in a series of teamfights, another glorified SKM. Furthermore, SKM with economy would be worse than SKM as it stands, each team fight lost = 2 rounds lost essentially as you would be forced to enter the next fight with substantially worse gear than your opponents.

Knight 936 949
  • 21 Aug

I think that's a pretty cool concept

Duchess 790 3483
  • 22h

Mod is now in a very playable state, feel free to check it out with a group of friends (5v5)