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Topics in which are easy fix's and lots would agree on!

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  • 6 Aug '19

within the game Archers are quite handy and i for one tend to play one quite often and i have noticed that spam crouching behind cover it too effective and it should effect the users aim when ever doing so,

another topic is people using spikes and place able structures to get places where others cant and only an archer can deal with that, that and they are using these locations to place a ballista and have a larger overview that the intended map design gives.

and something i believe would be best added is allowing people to only have 1 slot of throwable weapons unless they pickup one off the ground as people are standing back with 3 slots of fire bombs or javelins and things like this and the topic above i said are taking away the skill factor of the game and giving it more of a meta. yes the game right now have multiple highly effective tactics which is great but removing the 'BS' factor of over effective alternatives would be a lot better to keep hardcore players within the game.

Duke 554 950
  • 6 Aug '19

Agree on all