add a f***in auto-run option..

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  • 4 Aug '19

i'm so sick of this crap with the running, i never walk in this game, i stop or i run, theres nothing between this for me
so please add a auto-run toggle in the options for the next update in 2025.. thx

Knight 7768 14310
  • 4 Aug '19

enjoy not having any stamina lmao

Knight 672 1047
  • 4 Aug '19

@CarnifeX said:
i stop or i run,

So you either die because you are standing still or you have no stam?

Count 823 3124
  • 4 Aug '19

Bind both forward and sprint to "W"?

129 141
  • 4 Aug '19

I do this with double binds like lobster said ^

You'll always be running so you have to crouch for stam or health regen but its works fine

161 230
  • 5 Aug '19

Or just make an AHK script that toggles auto-sprint with a specific key. Takes less than a minute, maybe five if you've never used AHK before.