3rd person : Is this how Mordhau supposed to be played?

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There has been many debates about the existence of 3rd person in Mordhau. I never really wanted the 3rd person to be removed mostly because there are players who come from 3rd person games like Mount & Blade and such and removing such feature will decrease the playerbase. However, that does not change the fact that 3rd person gives some very unfair advantage over 1st in team fights as you can still look from corner, kind of look behind and all the 'good stuff' .... you get the idea. Some people have said that it's harder to read attack from 3rd (maybe)... However, there are players who use both and keep switching as they are fighting in team fights. And that's probably the biggest problem. Because even if 3rd has some disadvantages it completely mitigates that.

Here are some clips that I have found from a player of top tier Russian competitive clan (I am not shit talking the guy/calling him anything just to be clear so no salt):

As you will see in the clip, the guy typically plays 1 v 1 with 1st person (I guess it's easier to read attacks). However, whenever he runs away, engage multiple enemies he uses 3rd person quite intelligently. You can call it skill ceiling if you want but I don't think anyone want to see this game devolve into this. If it remains, a lot of competitive games will probably eventually turn into this as this seems quite optimal.

If 3rd person remains, Here are some tweaks I suggest:

  1. Make it so it's harder to peek corner & harder to know surrounding.. It was done to some degree in a patch before release as far as I remember but it's not enough.

  2. Make it so the players have to choose between 1st/ 3rd person and once the map loads and it can not be changed while in a game. It is very crucial because that way 3rd person will have it's advantages and disadvantages.

  3. Identify the other 'not so discussed' advantages and disadvantages of both.. I am talking about things like: doing extreme drags with 3rd person being easier and less risky as you can keep track of your enemy all the time. better footworking and dodging for the same reason, target switching in team engagement MUCH easier and so on.. then balance it out in a way where they are more similar and both are fair in their own way.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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there rally not much more than the drags of 3rd that makes 3rd ok