For Honor vs Mordhau

27 12
  • 3 Aug '19

Today i have played in For Honor and close game after about one hour. Boring. Whats is your opinion?

92 30
  • 3 Aug '19

I also think for Honor is boring

1395 1053
  • 4 Aug '19

Was a bit hyped for it (cool trailers), but watching the gameplayvideos already got boring quite fast. Nicely made game, but... yeah. No. Lacks some features and complexity.

Now... what about Mordhau? (@threadtitle)

Knight 676 1054
  • 4 Aug '19

FoR HoNoR is way too restricting imo, its almost impossible to do 1vX and theres too many actions that make you have to sit through a relativly long animation.

Knight 7768 14315
  • 4 Aug '19

For Honor is MOBA-fied and dumbed down Mount and Blade made by Ubishit. Why anyone would ever play it is beyond me.

1821 1908
  • 5 Aug '19

Because they paid for it and now they have to play it.

Why did they buy it? Because the trailers looked good, I guess.

Conscript 227 307
  • 7 Aug '19

I mean some people wanted third person Soul Calibur I guess

1821 1908
  • 7 Aug '19

Well, technically Soul Calibur is 3rd person...

957 310
  • 10 Aug '19

its more 2nd person mike

46 88
  • 10 Aug '19

i mean, the random ai troopers are p cool and it looked cool to be able to carve your way through them
a Mordhau gamemode where you've got your regular Frontline classes vs. a shitload of ai enemies, vermintide style, would be neat