Some ways to improve Frontline

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Aside from fixing spawns, nerfing horses, and other things that go without saying or are getting rectified next patch, here are some ways in which Frontline can be made more enjoyable:

  • Reduce the playercount. This might be unnecessary for the upcoming map Feitoria, but for the maps we have so far, 64 players just feels too chaotic. It guarantees most of your deaths will be from things beyond your control, such as enemies randomly appearing behind you or random projectiles hitting you, even ones thrown by teammates. A 48 or 32 player limit would result in a lot more room to fight in; more opportunity to strategise where to attack from and how to split up, since there won't be enemies on every inch of the map; and more skillful teamfights as opposed to the current cacophony of teammates swinging into each other, and there being no room for footwork.
  • Reduce the average time it takes to complete a match. When both teams are roughly equal in skill, the match tends to drag on for far longer than it should, and people start to get bored. They shut their brains off, and start wandering around to get the occasional kill here and there, just waiting for the match to be over so they can get their gold and experience. In this state no one is rushing the objective or thinking about winning, just postponing the game even further. It is possible to make such matches quicker without also making steamrolls quicker - just increase the ticket bleed for both teams if neither of them has gained a considerable advantage in the last few minutes.
  • Reward good performance. Let's say you start out strong and capture some points or get a lot of kills. Is this rewarded in any way? Not really. In a lot of games, from MOBAs to Shooters, this would be rewarded with gold which could be spent to purchase items and gain an advantage over the enemy team, often referred to as "getting fed". It rewards continuous good play by giving you an advantage as long as you do not allow the enemy team to catch up, and it adds a layer of strategy as you choose how to spend your currency based on the composition of the enemy team. Now when it comes to Mordhau, I do not mean buying weapons or armour, since they are already part of your loadout. I mean using your gold to spawn a horse, to build those fortifications around each point, to spawn medic bags, to spawn a ballista, and so on. Imagine if those parts of the map, like siege engines, were not just there but instead had to be spawned by amassing enough gold first? I think this would solve the issue of them being overpowered while also making matches more dynamic, as certain elements of the map would be different every time, as well as reward a team for performing well.

The idea of using a currency to spawn things was first suggested by @Mittsies.

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@LuxCandidus said:
Reduce the playercount.

The overall problem still is mapdesign. Maps have areas that support that many players but they also have areas that don't and thus are horrible chokepoints. That needs to change. Especially the area around flags.

Reduce the average time it takes to complete a match.

I can count the matches that would qualify for that on a single mutilated hand right now. These days, 9 out of 10 matches are complete roflstomps with >300 tickets left on the winning side. So just keep that idea in mind but wait until the game has made some good progress. Right now I would be glad if somewhat balanced matches would take some more time...

Reward good performance.

Buying ingame stuff to help winning a match. Good idea, but not as long as the game is that broken. Imagine who would get the chance to buy stuff first. It would make the issues we have now even worse...

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  • 2 Aug

The best way to instantly improve Frontline would be to remove Horses.

They can be added back into the game once reworked. They are absolutely broken and almost everyone dislikes dealing with them; it's a case of the riders having fun at everyone else's expense. I'd legitimately rather be walled off in spawn with a troll teammate using a toolbox: because that's easier to counter and less annoying to deal with. I'd rather die to a catapult or stray arrow 5 times in a row than to die to a horse even once, because I can accept the "battlefield chaos" of random projectiles, but dying to some braindead rider feels like shit.

Problems with horses:

  • Horses cost nothing to use / Spawn for free / Don't require perks to be proficient
  • Toolbox/Traps are the only semi-viable counter, but it requires multiple people to gimp their loadout just to deal with 1 guy
  • The rider's attacks have artificially extended reach (might be a desync / hitbox issue)
  • Your attacks often go right through the rider and deal no damage due to desync / hitbox issues
  • Moving at even the slowest trotting speed, their non-couched attacks deal massive extra damage (usually enough to 1-shot)
  • Couched attacks require 0 skill to pull off, and yet are the most deadly thing in the entire game
  • Their hoofstep sounds are barely audible - you almost never hear them coming until its too late
  • Mosquito syndrome: very hard to kill, and even when you finally do, they'll just come right back on a new horse
  • Killing a rider usually doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying, especially if you dismounted them and someone else got the kill
  • Teammates don't understand the concept of keeping the horse alive and hiding it in your base after you've dismounted someone
  • People who can't even manage a 0.5 KD ratio off the horse frequently maintain 4.0 KD ratios
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  • 2 Aug

please don't lower playercount, raise it instead!

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Make or edit the maps to be better/balanced and improve spawn locations.

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  • 2 Aug

I think it'd be cool if instead of the game being over when one team reaches 0 you have to eliminate the remaining reinforcements of that team, kinda like Red Orchestra.

Probably give it a 5 min or less max time limit though to avoid trolling.

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  • 2 Aug

Chaotic? It doesn't feel Chaotic at all. I think it needs more tbh.

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Keep FL 48-64

Make invasion 24 player and rename it to Objective mode.

I don't get the point of having both modes be higher population, as there currently is a niche for people who want a middle ground between FL and Skirmish. If the mode is indeed just a renamed Team Obj mode most people will likely play it in smaller pop formats anyway.

I would also agree on horses being removed from the game entirely until the developers can actually redesign them to make actual sense, as it stands they make every frontline map worse just by how many horse mains exist on the server. There's very little counterplay to couched spears or lances.

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  • Give the "Objective Captured" score bonus to the entire team rather than just the ones who captured it.

May sound like a dumb change but the #1 most common mistake I see in objective-based games is encouraging and actively rewarding people for standing there like an idiot.

You don't need the entire team standing in a circle when there aren't any enemies around. You only need one person to capture while everyone else pushes forward to intercept incoming enemies as close to their spawn as possible.

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  • 2 Aug

My 2 cents, add more closed areas that are relevant. I have no problem with long weapong having long reach, theres a place for them and that place is open areas (which maps already have), I'd like if there were closed areas that punished swinging with long weapons, making short weapons more appropiate in those situations.

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@lordlemon said:
please don't lower playercount, raise it instead!

i don't understand the gamer mindset of turning every game into a chaotic clusterfuck. is it cause it drastically lowers the skill cap because of the amount of times u can catch people off guard in the chaos? thats the only reasoning i can think of (and why BR's are super popular)