Sad about the lack of small scale frontline

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  • 31 Jul '19

Currently only one 34 player server online. Why are there no Official servers in the smaller scale? 16, 24, 32.

There are two key benefits in small Frontline:

  • Able to get full 144Hz gameplay with my old 4790K setup
  • Less chaotic, more enjoyable skillful engagements without having to go down to Duel servers, which is a whole different gameplay

It could be made into its own game mode as well, without horses that feel even more out of place than in 48 or 64 scale.

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  • 1 Aug '19

Invasion shouldn't be a 64 player mode.

The last thing this game needed was a 64 player mode.

24man FL feels a lot better than 48/64 it would also be easier to develop smaller maps than big ones.

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  • 2 Aug '19

I agree, I have more fun in the less chaotic, team damage heavy frontline matches with "chivalry" style 24 player servers or half empty frontline servers.

perhaps save the 64 player servers for a different game mode that simulates a battle unit?

like maybe its 32 v 32 spearmen or spears vs axemen or something to simulate a unit on unit engagement from a medieval battle

so smaller map, fast respawns and just trying to get 32 ppl to work together to not just TK each other and wipe out the other team. being in formations, etc would be cool. no dudes throwing fire pots and axes or javelins from behind though ok?

what about 50 spear men vs 14 horses hehehe

now i am dreaming... craving these mod tools ;)