Say one thing you like, and one thing you do not. To the developers.

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  • 31 Jul

I really enjoy: Shields
I really dislike: The way shields are implemented

If I elaborate as to why, it'll be a few paragraphs.

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  • 31 Jul

I really enjoy: The concept.

I really dislike: Dragging around a parry to hit the feet of your opponent.

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I like the combat system; it's insane fun. BUT:

I dislike the huge lag spikes introduced around patch 7 or 8 that prevent me from playing :(

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  • 1 Aug

I like: the groundwork for the combat as it has more potential then chiv
I don't like: the current implementation of drags and accels that are as fast if not faster then reverses and drags where you can't see wtf it's doing because of limited fov and things looking more 'neutral'.

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I really enjoy: The gameplay, customization, skirmish, the medieval theme

I really dislike: Boring maps, underwelming frontline, upcoming female characters, gambling, fast 1 handed weapons, shield idiots

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  • 1 Aug

Game good

Low communication during some parts of alpha bad

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  • 1 Aug

Love the combat and can't wait for ranked 1v1 and 3v3.

Hate some weapons that reward dumb play too much. Shields, rapier, most fast 1 handed weapons as stated above. Losing to someone who's worse than you because he can stab spam faster than your riposte and hide behind a shield (that you can't kick by the way, it doesn't work in real scenarios) feels wrong.

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Kick does work unless the opponent is good which is rare and they can't spam faster than an accelerated riposte.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
Kick does work unless the opponent is good which is rare and they can't spam faster than an accelerated riposte.

i block this guy and kicked him instead of riposting and it threw him off so bad he dident grasp that it was all the plan to kick him to death

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I really like the customization.

I really dislike the lack of content and high paywalls behind unlockables.

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I like: the devs.
I dislike: the devs.

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Holy doublepost batman

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  • 1 Aug

Like: the Seymour Approves baby outfit in the shop... bravo gentlemen!

Dislike: Horses

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  • 1 Aug

good: the combat
bad: the maps

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I like the character customizer
I dislike horse spear users with 60 kills

Dad Sizzle

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  • 2 Aug

I LOVE the gameplay, it truly has something I've never experienced before.

I really dislike all the stuff that is out of your control, like endless archers shooting at you, a silent horse riding up on you 600km/h, a catapult coming over a building you can't dodge. I like that it's in the game because it would be less unique without it, but I feel like the players use it more than it was meant to be used. Because almost more than half my deaths are to a javelin coming out of nowhere right in my face or all the other things above.

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  • 2 Aug


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  • 2 Aug

I like the options to play support like toolbox and medbag
I dislike the lack of SDK

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  • 2 Aug

I also like the customisation in general and hope it keeps improving
I dislike the hordes of Witcher and even worse shitty GoT cosplays we used to have in the kniggas thread

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  • 2 Aug

I really enjoy: Character voices.

I really dislike: Developers, especially Marox, put shady lines in code.