Roman Gear

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There are many regiments of organized players trying to play as Legionaries. Would be cool to have authentic Roman equipment added to the game. Need things like a gladius, a pilum, and a scotum. Maybe even segmented plate and helmets in the roman style. Stuff like this would help these groups a ton.

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  • 31 Jul

medieval game

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i want a GLADIUS even if its a Medieval game

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Could be byzantine armors and weapons to fit more in medieval atmosphere ! Byzantines are the medieval romans nah ?

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I completely agree, and add a Corinthian helmer

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  • 3 Sep


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  • 4 Sep
 The Bird

Add it. I love killing Romans.

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add mud helmets

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  • 11 Sep

Maybe there will be roman empire mods as the development progresses.
I can imagine this happening really quick when the SDK comes out

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  • 13 Sep

Honestly i could see the gladius be a skin for the shortsword and/or arming sword instead of being it's own weapon, same for pilum being a skin for short spear and/or javelins.

Scutum and lorica segmentata/hamata i could definitely see being their own pieces though!

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  • 13 Sep

I could see that too if this game was not medieval